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Super Shotgun


The Ammo

Shells10 per boxAlso used by the shotgun

Ammo Usage

2 shells per shot

The Damage

6 per pellet, 20 pellets fired

Firing speed

One discharge (2 shells) per second

Range and Accuracy

The super shotgun fires the near equivalent of two shotgun blasts (one out of each of two barrels).
The two super shotgun blasts are varied by a 5 degree yaw to the left and right of the center. The wide spread of the pellets from the double barrels provide lots of reward for near misses even at close range.
Because of the wide spread of the pellets, the weapon is almost completely ineffective at long range.


Because of its wide spread of pellets, the weapon is most effective at close range and will always kill an un-armored, normally healthy human player when every pellet impacts the target.
The most recommended strategy for using the super shotgun in a deathmatch is equipping the weapon in tight hallway areas exposing yourself to your opponent for the shot only during the instant of the weapons firing cycle, and hide while the weapon reloads.


When fighting against a player with the super shotgun, most of the other weapons can be effective as long as you carefully take advantage of the enemy's super shotgun reload time, as this is when that player is most vulnerable. A grenade can be particularly effect as a super shotgun player will usually try to close the distance between combatants.

Extra Info

The super shotgun kicks even more wildly than the shotgun and is physically larger, therefore it obscures even more of the edge of the screen during the cocking phase.