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BFG 10k

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The Ammo

Bullets50 per boxAlso used by the chaingun

Ammo Usage

1 bullet per shot

The Damage

8 per bullet

Firing speed

10 bullets per second

Range and Accuracy

The machine rapidly fires single hitscan pellets towards the crosshair with slight variance. Most of the hitscans that fly from the weapon fall slightly below and to the right of the crosshair.
Most effective at medium to long ranges.


In deathmatch, the weapon has little kick, but in solo play, the weapon will 'ride up'. The 'ride up' also physically rotates your view upwards, forcing you to push the view back down (using mlook - klookers will have fun with this weapon...) to maintain steady hits on a target.


The best defense against this weapon is using a high energy weapon (like the rail gun or the BFG). Machine gun equipped opponents must remain exposed as they fire so as to cause continual damage.

Extra Info

The weapon can stop and resume firing instantly and has no cocking or reload times maintaining a rapid rate of fire for as long as the gun has ammunition (bullets).