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The Blaster


The Ammo

The Blaster is the only weapon in Quake 2 that does not need any ammo to function.


10 single player, 15 deathmatch

Firing speed

Two shots per second

Range and Accuracy

The weapon is equally effective at point-blank to medium range, but it is often difficult to hit a distant human target as the round is easily seen and avoided as it flies through the air. The weapon seems to 'fizzle out' when fired long distances.
The projectiles fly towards the cross-hair with very minor variance, and usually hit below and to the right of the cross-hair.


Don't bother with it unless you have to, or you spawn just in time to see someone limp away from a firefight and you think you can take them down. But in most situations you'll do best if you run off to get another weapon.


When fighting an opponent equipped with a blaster, the best strategy is to attack relentlessly with anything else...

Extra Info

The blaster fires the same stuff that comes out of the more powerful HyperBlaster but doesn't burn any cells.
The projectile's particle trail will always compromise the location of the shooter, and it is slow... so not so good as a camper's weapon...
The silencer has absolutely no point - ok, so the projectile may now be quiet, but it's not invisible.