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BFG 10k

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The Ammo

Slugs10 per boxLoads into the railgun

Ammo Usage

1 slug per shot

The Damage

150 single player, 100 deathmatch

Firing speed

About one shot (1 slug) every 1.5 seconds

Range and Accuracy

The railgun is a unique weapon in that it is in fact a projectile that travels so quickly it should be used for most purposes like a hitscan weapon. It has a pinpoint effect and is is equally effective at any range.


Although it is true that the weapon's best use is as a sniper tool where targets are picked off from a distance, the shooter should be wary of one cleverly balanced side effect. With each discharge a clear trail of particles is left behind in the air for a second or so easily revealing the shooter's last location. If used as a sniper weapon it is recommended that it be used in areas where the shooter can maneuver or hide after each shot.
This is a good weapon if used in conjunction with the super shotgun or chaingun; bind a key to swap between them - see the downloads section for my autoexec.cfg.


Defense against the rail gun is similar to that of the super shotgun, but range is no longer an issue. Don't count on a railgun shooter running out of ammo as the weapon fires very slowly and comes with 10 shots. Instead, take advantage of the long charge rate the weapon goes through between shots.

Extra Info

The Railgun will fire through multiple targets stopping only when it contacts solid level geometry.
Above I have it listed that the railgun is a 'Hitscan/Projectile' weapon. To avoid confusion, I'll explain this effect. Since the beam that the Railgun fires is an actual game object, the weapon could be considered to be a projectile. However, since, in effect, the beam is simultaneously at its destination and it's source, it works like a hitscan weapon.