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BFG 10k

Weapon Switching


The Chaingun


The Ammo

Bullets50 per boxAlso used by the machine gun

Ammo Usage

1 bullet per shot

The Damage

8 per bullet

Firing speed

10 bullets per second

Range and Accuracy

When spinning at maximum speed, the weapon causes damage very quickly to targets near the crosshair.


The weapon is most effectively used in open areas where careful circle-strafing will allow the shooter to constantly keep the crosshair trained upon a target. Can also be used as an effective long range weapon or as a short range run-down weapon. All in all, if you need to kill summat, this could not be a bad choice. If you think you're going to run into someone round a corner, it is a good idea to wind up first so you can hit them at full speed.


The best way to defeat this weapon is to momentarily duck out of view (move around a corner, or duck behind a crate or other feature) inciting the assailant to temporarily release the trigger. Since the weapon burns ammo extremely quickly, the shooter will have to cease firing, or run out of ammo - both of which create a very vulnerable situation for the shooter while the cannon winds down and, if there are no more bullets, weapons are switched.
If caught out in the open against a player with a chaingun the best defense is moving erratically until cover can be found. By moving unpredictably, it should be difficult for the shooter to keep the weapon trained on you. When you hit the cover, wait for the gun to stop, and then fly out, guns blazing. If the player is a long way off, the best thing to do is to keep him there - rail him or blast him with a rocket launcher before he can start shooting you again. If there is room, where you are hiding, chuck a couple of grenades into his path - if he's closing in for the kill, they should get him. If he is up close, grenades and then the super shotgun is a good combo.

Extra Info

When the trigger is pulled, the weapon will shoot at a slower rate of fire for the first second.