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BFG 10k

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Rocket launcher


The Ammo

Rockets5 per rackFired from the rocket launcher

Ammo Usage

1 rocket per shot

The Damage

Rocket launcher100 + 0-20 randomBlast Radius Range: 120 Game Units

Firing speed

Five rockets every four seconds

Range and Accuracy

The rocket launcher fires a straight travelling explosive slightly below and to the right of the crosshair. The speed of the projectile is about the same as that of the blaster. Upon detonation, the rocket provides a small damage radius effect around the blast area.


Successful use of the rockets often employs three strategies.
The first, pulling lead, is fairly obvious. Since the rocket is a relatively slow moving projectile, at medium to long ranges it is most effectively fired not at the target but at where the target will be when the rocket completes its flight.
Another common strategy used in conjunction with pulling lead requires taking advantage of the weapon's radius effect. If a rocket is fired directly towards an opponent on level ground but misses, the rocket will fly harmlessly off into the distance. If, instead, the rocket is fired into the floor near the feet of the target even a missed shot is likely to cause some amount of radius damage.
A third strategy uses the assumption that targets don't want to be hit with the rocket and will try to avoid it. Therefore, it is possible to use carefully placed rockets to coax your opponent into a compromising area of the map. Using rockets to push your enemy into a corner might help to eliminate the target's ability to evade fire increasing your chances of landing a successful hit.
And of course, the rocket launcher is an excellent anti-camper weapon.


Believe it or not, a nice strategy to employ when fighting a player who's using a rocket launcher in areas from which you cannot maneuver or escape, jumping a lot will help reduce radius damage from near misses. Also, it is possible to use the 'rocket jump' technique over blasts from enemy rockets, but not as healthy. Remember, the shooter of a rocket will only take half normal damage from blast radius explosions so attempting to close the distance on rocket shooters so that the weapon will blow up in their face isn't always the best strategy, although it can often be a deterrant (especially when there are loads of players - who wants to run around with half health?) - take them out with a super shotgun while they are changing weapons.

Rocket Jumps

Finally, a trick not to be forgotten with the rocket launcher is the infamous 'rocket jump'. Try firing a rocket into the floor just below your feet an instant after you press the jump button. The velocity you receive from the rocket's blast will boost you several times higher into the air than an ordinary jump could achieve. The technique can effectively allow you to access high surfaces for secrets and power ups and often give you the 'jump' (sorry...) on your opponent in deathmatch.
A good skill to have - a must for would-be campers...