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BFG 10k

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The Ammo

Cells50 per batteryAlso used by the BFG

Ammo Usage

1 cell per shot

The Damage

10 single player, 15 deathmatch

Firing speed

10 discharges (1 cell) per second

Range and Accuracy

This weapon is most effective at close range, since short distances will not provide targets any time to avoid the path of the blaster shot.


The main difficulty in using this weapon is knowing when it's okay to let go of the trigger. Once the trigger is released, you will be unable to fire the weapon again for one revolution of the barrel of the gun (about 3/4 of a second). A good opponent will know of this weakness and will exploit it. And, although the weapon is very rapid fire, each shot only expends one cell ammo. Therefore, I recommend not releasing the trigger until the target is dead, the weapon is empty, or the target has certainly escaped.
The best strategy when playing with this weapon is, as there is no fear of self damage, the close you are to the target the better - it reduces the possibility for your opponent to avoid the hit. So, the weapon is best used as a pursuing weapon - don't waste those cells you've just used; mow the bastard down as they run away; people are often most vulnerable when their back is turned, even if they know you are behind them.


Grenades are a great defense against those using hyper blasters. Also, retreating down corridors with a super shotgun, stopping during your firing cycle to shoot works well when fighting those using the weapon.

Extra Info

The hyper blaster is a rapid fire variation of the default weapon with a couple of exceptions. First, each discharge uses one cell ammo. Second when letting go of the trigger, the weapon cannot be fired again until the barrel stops spinning (one revolution, about 1/2 second).