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Eraser Commands

bot_num [n]
defines the maximum number of bots

bot_name [name]
spawns a specific bot

bot_auto_skill 0/1
Default: 0
disable/enable automatic skill adjustment. When enabled, bot's skill levels will be increased when they are killed (by a human player), and decreased when they kill another human player.

bot_chat 0/1
disable/enable bot chatting.

lag [n]
Client only
adds some latency to your controls. [n] should be a number between 0 and 1000. This in effect, adds to your ping time.
eg. "cmd lag 500" gives 500ms latency

view_weapons 0/1
disable/enable view weapons patch. Just copy the pak2.pak from your view weapons patch directory, to the Eraser directory, then enable view_weapons. This enables you to see which weapons the other bots/players are using.

bot_drop [name]
disconnects a the given bot from the game. If you have set bot_num, then you can expect the program to automatically add a new bot in the game. So make sure you set "bot_num 0" before using this command, if you don't want another random bot to join the game.

teamplay 0/1
disables/enables teamplay (see TEAMPLAY section above)

sv teams [team1] [team2] ...
spawns one or more teams at once, by name.

sv bots [bot1] [bot2] ...
spawns one or more bots at once, by name.

bot_tarzan 0/1
Default: 0
disable/enable so called "advanced" use of the grapple hook.

mapmod_random 0/1
Default: 0
disable/enable random map progression when using maps.txt. When enabled, instead of sequentially traversing the maps, a random map will be selected from the list on each level change.

pauses the game. this is included, since the normal pause button doesn't work during deathmatch play.

bot_allow_client_commands 0/1
Default: 0
disable/enable client-side bot spawning via "cmd bots [n]"

bot_free_clients [n]
Default: 0
specifies the number of client positions to keep vacant at all times, whilst there are bots playing. So if you have set "maxclients 32", and there are 20 bots playing, set this value to 3, so that if the total number of clients (players + bots) exceeds 29, a bot will be kicked from the game. The lowest scoring bot is kicked first, in this circumstance.
As soon as more than 3 slots become vacant, a new bot will be automatically brought into the game, assuming the current number of bots is less than the current value of bot_num.

bot_show_connect_info 0/1
Disables/Enables the banner that's shown to clients upon connecting, indicating that the server is running the Eraser bot patch.

bot_calc_nodes 0/1
Disables/Enables dynamic node calculation. If you are sure that this map has been played enough times, that it is unnecessary for the bot to continue learning the environment from the humans, just set this to 0. This frees up some CPU time, which should make things run a bit smoother if lots of humans are playing.


players_per_team [n]
This secifies the maximum number of player that are allowed to join each team.
eg. players_per_team 8

join [teamname] OR [abbrev]
Places you on the specified team. If the Team does not yet exist in the game, it will be created (ie. bot teammates will be spawned).
eg. "cmd join impact", OR "cmd join idt"

addteam [teamname] OR [abbrev]
Adds the given team to the game. This team must be defined in BOTS.CFG, or it will not be created.
eg. "addteam impact", OR "addteam idt"

This tells your fellow teammates that you are starting a new squadron. Eventually, most teammeats will get to you, but they'll try and pick up useful items along the way, so they may take some time if far away. Once they've reached you, they'll follow you around, attacking enemies and picking up items along the way.

Tells all squadron units under your control, to immediately disperse.


ctf_auto_teams [n]
This sets the ideal number of players on each team during CTF play. The program will try it's best to maintain that number of players by spawning and dropping lowest scoring bots as players leave and enter the game. If it cannot do this (there are no bots to drop on a team with too many players) it will spawn additional bots to keep the teams even.

ctf_special_teams [0..n]
When ctf_special_teams is set to 1 then each human will have 1 bot to play against. It is multiplier, you can increase the value to any number as long as it does not exceed the number of maxclients. As each human departs the corresponding lowest scoring bots get dropped. When all human depart all bots are removed thus saving CPU cycles for another quake server.

ctf_humanonly_teams 0/1
If this is set then only humans will allowed in a team and bots in the other. Once the game has started all humans joining the bot team will be forced into the team with humans. Any bots will then be added to the other only.
Note: ctf_special_teams must be set for this to work.

Summon team members to "Raid the Enemy base"

Summon team members to "Defend our base"

Return team members to normal

sv bluebots [name1] [name2] ...
up to 10 bots at once

sv redbots [name1] [name2] ...
up to 10 bots at once