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While not really a powerup, the silencer fits best in this section. It has the surprising effect of silencing the discharge of your weapon.
It has no effect on the visible effects, or on the sound of the discharge travelling and hitting the wall, rendering it just a tad pointless when you are using your blaster...

Quad Damage

The Quad Damage power-up does just that - it allows you to do four times the regular amount of damage per shot.

Quad lasts 30 seconds from the time that it's activated or gathered depending on game settings.

With each Quad shot, the player is rewarded with a loud horn sound that's very gratifying and increases sense of power.

A nice little combination is the machine gun with multiple Quad Damages...


While this power-up is active the player will not sustain any damage. It will last for 30 seconds from the time it's activated or gathered, depending on game settings. In DM its usually activated immediately (exactly the same goes for the quad)

So if you stumble across an invulnerable opponent, run for cover. Even if it is only Mr Blaster-Wielding-I-Can't-Hit-The-Side-Of-A-Barn Spikeman...