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What types of armour are there?

There are four main types of hard armour:

The armour Shard is a special plate that adds 2 points of armour to your existing suit. If you collect an armour Shard when you are not equipped with a full suit, the Shard's protective effect will be equavalent to Jacket armour.

Each other type of armour has different maximum limits and different protective effects.

The following value will be added to armour value up to the armour type's maximum armour value.
Jacket Armour25
Combat Armour50
Body Armour100

Each armour type has the following maximum armour value that can be achieved by gathering armour suits. It is possible to exceed these values by collecting a more powerful suit or armour Shards.
Jacket Armour50
Combat Armour100
Body Armour200

What effect on combat does armour have?

Having armour protection has a profound defensive effect on combat. To understand this effect you should know the formula for damage and the protective value of each type of armour.
Basically, any damage received is multiplied by a modifier depending on what sort of armour you're equipped with. The modifiers are:
Jacket Armour0.30
Combat Armour0.60
Body Armour0.80

This resultant number is how much damage the armour saved you from taking. That number is also subtracted from whatver armour value you have remaining.

The difference between total damage delivered and the damage the armour absorbed is then subtracted from your health total.

So, if you were wearing Combat armour and were attacked with a Railgun for 100 points of damage your health would receive 40 points of damage while 60 points of damage would be subtracted from your armour. Notice that Jacket and Combat armour aren't as effective for protecting health than Body armour but will probably last longer than the latter.

What about the powered armour shield?

The Power armour Shield is a special item that can be collected that protects the player by absorbing some of the damage that would've been sustained by being shot. It works as an energy shield before your hard armour kicks in.

In order for the power armour shield to be effective, the player must carry some cell ammunition.

When a player equipped with power armour is hit, some of the resulting damage is automatically absorbed by the power armour. The number of cells used is equal to the amount of damage the power armour saved the player from sustaining.

Additionally, damage is reduced by 66% for frontal attacks and 33% for all other attacks.

One odd behavior of the item occurs if you gather the power armour when you have no cell ammunition. In this case, the item will not activate until it is 'used' and cells have been collected. This behavior occurs whether or not a deathmatch mode is set to allow gatherable items.

When all cells are dimished from taking damage or firing energy weapons, the item is deactivated.

The protective benefits of power armour should not be dismissed. Because the item requires the ammunition that's usually used to fire the BFG 10k and HyperBlaster, there's plenty of incentive to not utilize these weapons when the power armour is available.