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Sadly, few of these links still work, but they are saved here for posterity. All links will attempt to open in a new window.

Quake 2 Resource Sites

BarrysworldGood 3d game, driver and mod news. Also has a cluster of brilliant servers, and offers a free (UK) 0845 dialup.
BluesnewsAnother general site with some good Q2 info.
Bot EmporiumLots of bots. Very good site.
BullseyeSource of crosshairs
DemoplayExcellent demo launcher
Eraser BotEraser Bot - Generate computer DM or CTF opponents
Eraser LaunchExcellent Eraser Bot launcher
GameaholicBrilliant source of files for most good games. Mods, maps, you name it, it's there.
GamespotUk gaming site with some Quake related info.
ID SoftwareThe Gods. All worship the Carmack...
SunsiteThe ID software UK mirror ftp site - use this rather than the id one, which sucks
Jump CenterShows of loads of good jumps on the common maps (q2dm* and match1). A must.
KeygripBrilliant demo editor.
PlanetquakeThe definitive Quake 2 site. Even better than my site... but only just. ;-)
q2cpQuake 2 Console Parser - brilliant if you ever need to produce match results.
Quake2.comThe Ultimate Quake II Site. Second only to us... UK Quake 2 website. Oddly enough :)
The BindGood source of info on config files.

Quake 2 Clan Sites

AT1Attack Team One
MNMutts Nutts
SoDServants of Death
TFCThy Flesh Consumed